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Welcome to Cincy.com

Greater Cincinnati:

Scenic views and spaces: A river town on 7 hills

Hills and valleys, rivers and breathtaking views make up the remarkable landscape of this beautiful region. Sir Winston Churchill once proclaimed it to be America's most beautiful inland city. Viewed from almost any approach, the skyline of the city, set amidst the hills, is an inspiring and enjoyable sight.

Innovation in Business, Arts and Entertainment

From Fortune 500 business headquarters to America's 1st Pro Baseball team to the Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Cincinnati's vitality includes top employers, world-renowned arts offerings and major sports franchises, as well as a variety of dining, entertainment and nightlife that rivals the diversity and excitement of urban life in much larger cities.

About Cincy.com

Cincy.com (and cinci.com) is a Deeper Directory(TM) of Greater Cincinnati community information, focusing on life in the tristate and its neighborhoods, and on the places, businesses and organizations here. The original Cincinnati Home Page, it started in 1995 as a community-focused web site offering local links, photos and directories of personal and business / organization links.

We're finding, collecting and sharing the stories of our neighborhoods, starting with 20+ and growing, with the help of interested neighbors, to more than 200 in the Greater Cincinnati Regional Area.

Its our hope as long time residents of Greater Cincinnati, that the more we learn together about our communities, the better connected we'll be and the stronger our local economy will be as a result of our attention to the local businesses that make their homes in the same neighborhoods.

What's up Cincy?

Below is our calendar of events for the Greater Cincinnati communities we've covered so far.  To view or subscribe to the calendar for a specific neighborhood, choose your neighborhood here.  See something we've missed?  Contact us.

Hey! Where's the old stuff?!

If you're looking for the original Business and Personal pages or any other content from the 14 years Cincy.com has been online, please bear with us while we finish the remodeling work! We'll have these features working here in short order - Thank you!